Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

The Division of Forensic pediatrics is committed to training competent well rounded child abuse pediatricians. It is our goal to train our future child abuse physicians whose decisions are based on a firm education al footing; who have had extensive exposure and training in all modalities of abuse; who have a clear understanding of as the causes of child abuse, the immediate and long term effects on children of such abuse and whose opinions are based on the best evidence based medical practice plus experience.

Loma Linda University Medical Center has a very large cachement area for pediatrics, encompassing rural, desert and suburban and urban environments. We have an ethnically diverse population. Our new out-patient clinic opening next month will expand both the numbers of children that can be seen as well as the ancillary services we provide, for example representatives from law enforcement, behavioral health and the district attorneys office will be on site. This is an exciting expansion and will provide an excellent environment for training in forensic pediatrics.

We have funding for a child abuse library which has the latest journals and books and other modalities of learning.

Our partnership with the neuro-radiology department provides for one on one education in neuro-imaging.

We have a new partnership with the Division of pediatric Neuropsychology. Representatives will be attending our weekly team meetings and providing psychological services to our inpatients and their families.

Our research project on intubation has recently been accepted by Pediatric Emergency Care. I will be presenting at the international Shaken Baby Conference in Paris next year.

I believe we have a lot of offer in this field and can provide an excellent all round educational experience to a child abuse fellow.

Amy Young-Snodgrass, MD – Program Director
Cathy Winter – Fellowship Coordinator
[email protected]
(909) 651-5746

Web site: http://lomalindahealth.org/medical-center/our-services/child-abuse-pediatrics-fellowship-training-program/index.page