Resident Membership

Resident physicians who are currently enrolled in an accredited ACGME or AACOM Residency Program or an equivalently accredited residency program in the country of training are eligible for admission to the Helfer Society as Resident members. Following residency, the candidate may apply for Scholar Membership. A current regular or emeritus member (sponsor) may nominate a resident, using the Resident Application Form. Resident applications for the Helfer Society can be submitted at any time, but they are reviewed quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1) each year by the Chair of the Membership Committee and they must be complete for review.  

Applications must include all of the following:  

  1. A completed online application form. Please select this link to access the Resident Member application form.

  2. A signed letter from the sponsor (PDF format preferred) who is a Regular or Emeritus Helfer Society Member, describing the residency program and/or the applicant's qualifications and accomplishments. This letter should provide clear evidence of the applicant's interest, which may include advocacy, scientific and clinical activities, and participation in research, teaching, or participation in development of services for abused and neglected children. A strong interest in child abuse work following residency, regardless of specialty, may also be included in this statement. This must be provided when submitting your online application.

  3. A current CV (PDF format preferred) - must be provided when submitting your online application.

  4. Payment for $20 to cover processing costs. You will have the option to pay by credit card or check. This is nonrefundable.

All supporting documents that are not included with your application submission should be emailed to Dee Dee Bandy at [email protected]. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all materials are provided.

Membership as a resident does not automatically lead to scholar membership. Residents do not have voting privileges, nor do they have access to the Helfer listserv. No dues will be required during the residency.