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Welcome to the Ray E. Helfer Society

The Ray E. Helfer Society, founded in 1999 and named in honor of Dr. Ray E. Helfer, was originally established as an honorary society of physicians seeking to provide medical leadership regarding the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research concerning child abuse and neglect. It has grown to be the primary sub-specialty society for physicians devoted to the problem of maltreated children. Members are encouraged to login and visit the Member Center to take advantage the Society's benefits. Non-members are encouraged to browse through this site and, if applicable, consider membership in our organization.

Our Vision

Children will thrive in a society that values them.

Our Mission

To help prevent and reduce the harm resulting from child maltreatment, by advancing the work of physicians in the areas of education, clinical care, research and advocacy.

Announcements and Updates

"Low-Resource Settings" Educational Resources Added to TEACH

Society members can now access a teaching guide, participant manual, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, and more on Low-Resource Settings. Visit TEACH in the Member Center, login required.

2018 Call for Submissions

The Ray E. Helfer Society is now accepting submissions to present at its Annual Meeting, April 22-25, 2018, Nashville, Tennessee. If you would like to present, please select this link and complete the "Call for Submissions". The deadline to submit is November 27.

Helfer Offers Two Pre-Conference Training Institutes in San Diego This January

The Society will present two pre-conference, comprehensive training Institutes January 28 and 29 in conjunction with The Chadwick Center's Annual San Diego International Conference on Family and Child Maltreatment. Select this link for details and registration.

2018 Annual Meeting Dates Announced

The Society will hold its next Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, April 22-25, 2018. Please be sure to mark your calendar and plan now to attend!

Donate to the Friends of the Ray E. Helfer Society


Membership in The Ray Helfer Society puts you in touch with a community of physicians seeking to provide leadership to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The Society is named after Ray E. Helfer, a pioneer in the prevention of child abuse. Dr. Helfer, a pediatrician and educator, helped research the origins of abuse and neglect and also developed methods of detection, treatment and prevention. You can learn more about the Society by visiting the About the Society section of this web site. A brief biography of Ray E. Helfer and his efforts in the prevention of child abuse is available by selecting this link.

The organization offers two primary types of membership: Scholar and Regular. A membership application is available in both the Scholar and Regular sections of this web site under the Membership tab.

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