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The Ray E. Helfer Society maintains liaison with several like-minded organizations. Below you will find brief information and links to these institutions.

National child abuse coalition

The National Child Abuse Coalition consists of over 20 member agencies committed to federal advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children and youth. The Coalition formed in 1981, keeps its member agencies informed and engaged in federal legislative matters that impact at risk children and youth.  It also seeks to educate federal legislators on the interventions for and prevention of child abuse and neglect. For further information:  http://www.nationalchildabusecoalition.org.

National Health Collaboration on Violence and Abuse (NHCV)

The National Health Collaboration on Violence and Abuse (NHCVA) is an independent organization of medical societies and other health focused organizations and the successor to the AMA Advisory Council on Violence and Abuse. Their mission is to bring health organizations together to advance health policy related to violence and abuse and to improve health professionals’ and health systems’ capacities to prevent and to address the harms of violence and abuse. They hold bimonthly conference calls to update participating organizations and also put on webinars to educate about key policy and systems issues. They develop white papers on key issues and sponsor congressional briefings on the impact of violence on health. More information can be found at NHCVA.org.