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Society Awards

The Helfer Award

The Helfer Award is given annually to the member of the Society who has made significant contributions to the field of Child Abuse Pediatrics. Select the links below for biographical information on the award recipients.

Past Award Recipients

Emalee Flaherty, MD

Kenneth W. Feldman, MD

Lawrence Ricci, MD

John J. McCann, MD 

Howard Dubowitz, MD

Robert W. Block, MD

Carol Berkowitz, MD

Paul K. Kleinman, MD

Cindy Christian, MD

Carole Jenny, MD

Martin A. Finkel, DO

David L. Chadwick, MD

Alex Levin, MD

Robert M. Reece, MD

John Leventhal, MD
Steven Ludwig, MD

Robert H. Kirschner, MD

The Helfer Teaching Award

The Helfer Teaching Award is presented annually (beginning in 2013) to the member of the Society who has made significant contributions as a teacher of Child Abuse Pediatrics.

Past Award Recipients

Randell Alexander, MD

Sara Sinal, MD 

Nancy Kellogg, MD

Marilyn Kaufhold, MD 

Sara E. Schuh, MD


Helfer Presentation Awards

The Helfer Presentation Awards are presented annually for the best presentations by regular and scholar members at the Annual Meeting.

Past Award Recipients

Regular Members

Scholar Members

2016 Best Long Presentation: Animal Abuse - Tara Harris, MD,An Important Component of Family Violence


2016 Best Short Presentation: Jonathan Thackeray, Development of a Statewide Quality Improvement Collaborative on Sentinel Injuries in Infants: The TRAIN Collaborative

2016 Best Short Presentation: Emily Killough, MD, Terra Frazier, MD, Monica Nielsen-Parker, LSCSW, Child Protector - A Smartphone App Decision Tool for Medical and Investigative Personnel

2015 Best Long Presentation: Chris Greeley, MD, Daniel Lindberg, MD, Sabine McGuire, MD, Resolved: Neuroimaging Is Useless for Determining the Timing of Traumatic Brain Injury in Cases With Concern for Abuse

2015 Best Long Presentation: Brooks Keeshin, MD, PTSD in the DSM 5 Era: Implications for the Child Abuse Pediatrician

2015 Best Short Presentation: Chris Greeley, MD, Navigating the Current Media Landscape

2015 Best Short Presentation (three-way tie): Norell Atkinson, MD, Childhood Falls With Occipital Impacts

Hiu-fai Fong, MD, Caregiver Perceptions About Mental Health Services After Child Sexual Abuse

Hillary Petska, MD, Occult Drug Exposure in Children Evaluated for Physical Abuse

2014 Best Long Presentation: John Stirling, MD, Aftermath: Medical Response to Trauma-Related Behavioral Changes

2014 Best Presentation: Sandeep Narang, MD, Expert Witness School

2014 Best Short Presentation: Gil Binenbaum, MD, Vaccinations and Retinal Hemorrhages in Outpatient Eye Examinations


2013 Best Long Presentation: Howard Dubowitz, MD and Wendy Lane, MD, The Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) Model: Promoting Children’s Health, Development and Safety

2013 Best Presentation: Meggan Goodpasture, MD, Establishing a Formal Collaboration Between the Advanced Care Team and the Child Abuse Team to Address Concerns of Medical Child Abuse

2013 Best Short Presentation: Kent Hymel, MD, The Potential Impact of a Future, Validated Clinical Prediction Rule for Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (AHT)


2012 Long Presentation: Frank Putnam, "Twenty years of follow-up: a multi-generational study of antecedents & outcomes of child sexual abuse"

2012 Long Presentation: Brooks Keeshin, "Evidence based mental health trauma screening & referral: a primer for child abuse pediatrician"

2012 Short Presentation: Christopher Greeley, "A prospective analysis of rib fractures in infant fatalities"

2012 Short Presentation: Kristine Fortin, "Missed appointments as an indicator of poor control & medical neglect among children with type 1 diabetes"

Committee Awards

In the fall of 2012 the Helfer Executive Committee established a new award program to support the work of Helfer Committees. Two awards were announced on January 1. Please select this link for descriptions of the projects being funded.