About the Society

The Ray E. Helfer Society, founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, is an honorary society of physicians seeking to provide leadership to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The purpose of the Helfer Society is to promote education and training in the medical aspect of child abuse and neglect, to advocate for improved resources for research, clinical practice and education, to strengthen research, to promote high ethical standards for practice and research, to assist in establishing guidelines for clinical practice, to develop collaborative relationships with other professional organizations, to emphasize the importance of the field of child abuse and neglect within medicine, and to honor individual physician’s contributions to the physical and emotional health of victims of child abuse and neglect.

Please feel free to contact the Society with your questions and comments.

Friends of the Ray E. Helfer Society Foundation

Friends of The Ray E. Helfer Society is a 501 (c) (3) foundation that accepts donations to further the Ray E. Helfer Society's mission: To help prevent and reduce the harm resulting from child maltreatment, by advancing the work of physicians in the areas of education, clinical care, research and advocacy. Donations are tax deductible. Please select this link to contribute.