Helfer Next Generation

Helfer Next Generation Program aims to attract (and recruit) trainees pursuing a career in Pediatrics, and practicing Pediatricians, to be champion advocates for children through CAP fellowship, by enhancing awareness of CAP as a pediatric subspecialty within the medical community and by delivering a mentorship program prior to CAP fellowship. Program participants receive the following resources and support:

  • Ongoing guidance from Fellowship Program Director leadership on what it means to be a CAP, which fellowship programs are available to meet your needs, what fellowship is like, what career opportunities are available  upon graduation, what’s it like to be a CAP.
  • Special Helfer Next Generation programming at annual Helfer Society meetings. This includes Next Generation only sessions to promote peer networks and Next Generation focused discussions, as well as opportunities to explore career and scholarship options. Next Generation participants also join in regularly scheduled programming with Helfer members as important members of our community.
  • Opportunities for longitudinal mentorship with Helfer members to meet your specific mentoring needs.

Here are additional resources to help you consider our field:

This link describes what it means to be a Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP):


To access/download a list of the CAP Fellowship Programs, the names of the Program Directors (feel free to reach out to them and learn more about the programs), and more details about each program, please use the link below to learn more details about each program:


This link provides more resources for learning about the field of Child Abuse and Neglect:


This link provides information about general criteria for subspecialty certification and a link to subspecialty certification and admission requirements specifically for Child Abuse Pediatrics, from the American Board of Pediatrics.


If you would like to learn more about this program or be added to our participant list, please contact Dee Dee Bandy (phone 630.359.4273 or e-mail [email protected]). 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Aditee Narayan and Mary Moffatt (Co-Chairs of Helfer Next Generation Program)
John Leventhal, Bruce Herman, Christopher Greeley and Steve Boos