Executive Committee

The affairs of the organization are governed by a volunteer Executive Committee that is elected by the membership. You can contact members of the Executive Committee via e-mail by selecting the appropriate link below. Members of the 2023-2025 Executive Committee appear below.


President: Nancy Harper, MD
Vice President: John Melville, MD
Treasurer: Tara Holloran, MD

Secretary: Andie Asnes, MD
Immediate Past President: Steve Boos, MD

Executive Committee Members at Large

Angela Bachim, MD
Michael Baxter, MD
Shalon Nienow, MD

Past Presidents

2001-2003   Cindy Christian, MD
2003-2005   Lawrence Ricci, MD
2005-2007   Robert Shapiro, MD
2007-2009   Kent Hymel, MD
2009-2011   Ann Botash, MD
2011-2013   Howard Dubowitz, MD, MS
2013-2015   Kathi Makoroff, MD
2015-2017   John Leventhal, MD
2017-2019   Christopher Greeley, MD
2019-2021   Lori Frasier, MD
2021-2023   Steve Boos, MD