Kenneth W. Feldman, MD

Kenneth W. Feldman, MD is an attending physician at the Seattle Children’s and a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington, School of Medicine in the General Pediatrics Division. He is the Medical Director of the Children’s Protection Program at Seattle Children’s, while maintaining a half-time primary care practice at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. He also attends on the wards at Seattle Children’s and previously attended on the intensive care unit and in the emergency department.

He completed his undergraduate and medical school training from 1962-1970 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Internship 1970-1971 and residency 1972-1972 were at the University of Washington & Seattle Children’s.

He has conducted research in childhood injuries, both accidental and abusive. He is currently a member of the executive committee of the AAP’s Section on Child Abuse and Neglect. He is a member and a past executive committee member of the Helfer Society.

He was awarded the AAP’s Practitioner Research Award in 1991 for his work on tap water burn injuries. It was Ray Helfer’s long distance mentoring in response to this initial tap water burn paper that stimulated his interest and caused him to develop his initial skills in child abuse evaluation. In 1983, his injury prevention inspirational mentor, Dr. Abe Bergman, left Seattle Children’s for Harborview Medical Center. Largely based on those initial skills stimulated by Ray and Abe, Children’s then medical director, Dr. John Neff, tapped him to take on abuse consultation at Children’s, which Abe previously had done.