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Frequently Asked Questions

This information is designed primarily for non-member subscribers to The Quarterly. However, members of the Society, who receive The Quarterly as a member service, may also benefit from reviewing the questions and answers below.

I am a subscriber to The Quarterly. How can I log into the website?

Helfer members who are logged in can automatically access The Quarterly through the proper links. Non-member subscribers or members who are not logged in: select the Access the Q link and you will be prompted to login with your username and password.

What username and password should I use when logging in to the website?

Use the username and password from our correspondence to you. Helfer Members will use the same username and password that they enter when logging into the Helfer website. We notify subscribers by the email address we have on record when issues are published and when it is time for you to renew your subscription.

How do I change the email address I use for my account?

Non-members: After you have subscribed and logged in, go to "Manage Subscription" page and then the "Manage Subscription" button. Login with your username and password and select "Edit My Profile", make your changes, then hit the "Save" button on that page. Helfer members' subscriptions are managed through their main membership profile.

For organization, agency, practice, or library subscriptions, what email address should we use?

Designate an individual to manage receipt of The Quarterly. We prefer that this be whoever reads the issue; however, we understand that some busy professionals will want a co-worker to handle incoming emails and print the issue for them.

Where can I find the electronic version of The Quarterly to download?

Use the "Access the Q" link at the top of the page (login will be required) to select the current and past available issues.

I subscribed to The Quarterly in the past but my subscription is no longer in effect. How do I renew my subscription to get access to the current issue?

Please contact Dee Dee Bandy at The Ray E. Helfer Society Office, [email protected], 630.359.4273. Dee Dee will contact you to activate your subscription.

How can I tell the status of my subscription?

For non-members, your expiration date will show in your profile when you click on the "Manage Subscription" and login. Helfer Members' subscriptions are linked to their annual membership and renew automatically with membership.

What type of payments are accepted when I order or renew?

We accept credit cards and checks for payments. If you want to pay by check or purchase order you may do so. We will await receipt of your check to finalize your subscription. Once we process your payment, your subscription will begin.

How do I renew or order a subscription if my employer's accountants pay for my subscription?

Forward the email message about your renewal to your accounting department and have them process the order. They will need your username and password to do this. Remind them that we need your email address on the account, not theirs, so they should not change the email address on the order. If they use a credit card for payment the mailing address should match the credit card number.

How do I renew or order a subscription if a subscription service pays for my subscription?

The major subscription services, such as EBSCO, Basch, and SWETS, have been notified that The Quarterly is only being sold online. Contact the subscription service you use and tell them you want to renew. They will then process the order. If this is a new order you will be notified by email when you may access the current issue of The Quarterly.